Life's Leadership Lessons
About the author

When an insurance salesperson wrote to the St. Petersburg Times
about the boy selling newspapers in front of the Publix Market across
the street from his office, "Watch that boy, he's going places," neither
he nor I could have imagined what that journey would be.

The places would be 43 states, 2 territories, and 22 countries on 4
continents. It would involve working for small businesses to Fortune
500 companies as a direct employee or consultant in retailing,
manufacturing, and construction. It would include meeting with
governmental officials, royalty. C-level executives, owners, and front
line employees.

Time and time again Rick was amazed at the untapped talent he found
att all levels of each company. He decided to focus on developing
programs that would draw out the hidden abilities within each person
by founding
Max Impact, a leadership and business strategy
development organization.

Most of his career was with Kmart Corporation during its heyday. In
2002, he left them to concentrate fully on developing people skills and
organizational strategy. He founded Max Impact where he uses his vast
experience to connect individuals to their dreams and teams connect
to a shared vision.

Rick’s presentation style of blending humor, real life examples, and
easy to implement ideas has made him a popular speaker at
seminars, workshops, and conferences.

His  works include
Life’s Leadership Lessons, Earthly Time
Management, and Laughing to Leadership.
©2009 Max Impact Corporation, Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA