Life's Leadership Lessons
Learning about leadership along life's pathways
Life's Leadership Lessons
About the book
Life's Leadership Lessons is a thought-provoking collection of stories showing how people, events, and things
teach us essential leadership skills. This book is a must for aspiring leaders and anyone seeking to enhance their
current leadership ability.

Written by Rick Weaver, an accomplished business executive with a wealth of experience in retail, market analysis,
supply chain enhancement, project management, team building, and process improvement.
©2009 Max Impact Corporation, Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA
"I was really taken in by the prose
and overall energy of your work.

You sincerely captured both the
human strengths and frailties we
are all subject to in our daily lives.

I was uplifted by your positive
attitude toward your subject matter
as well as the people you included in
your work."
               - Josef Bastian, author
  • What does a light bulb teach you about being dependant on others?

Steps are thoughtfully presented so the reader can apply the lessons in their own leadership quickly and easily.
Using his popular anecdotal style Rick shares how his life's
experiences have taught him the leadership qualities of the
world's best leaders. Each chapter contains a story about one or
more people, events, or things woven into a memorable
experience for the reader. He then moves to the lesson derived
from the experience with clear concise answers to the most
challenging issues facing today’s leaders.

  • What does a glass of water have to do with preparedness?
  • How did Martha Stewart teach Rick about loyalty?
  • What shortfalls in leadership can we learn from Universal
    Studios and Northwest Airlines?
  • How did a massacre at Virginia Tech expose an unknown
    leader and how does her message relate to our daily
    challenges at home and work?