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This is an excerpt from Life' Leadership Lessons.

It was a normal office area.  On one side of the room ten normal office-type
desks, each with a normal assortment of in and out baskets, pencil cup, PC,
telephone, calendar, and stapler. On the other side were eight more normal
desks and the room’s two doors. Between each desk stood a 5-foot fabric
lined divider providing some sort of individual privacy for the customer
service representatives.  

Pinned to the fabric in each of the normal cubicles was an assortment of
normal cubicle wall hangings: family pictures, certificates, motivating
cartoons, memos and the like.  
Throughout the entire area there was a normal assortment of common office
Nothing set this office apart from any other office for any corporation in any
part of the world.

Yet there was something different about this office.  Something abnormal.  
Something unexpected.  Or should I say, “someone unexpected.”

When it happened the first time it was as if someone had started a game.
Workers were suspicious in an excited sort of way.  “Who did it,” was on the
lips and minds of everyone in the department.

“How sweet?”

“Wasn’t that thoughtful?”

“There is an angel among us.”

The incident that started this game of curiosity was an innocent little card left
on the keyboard of one of our Customer Service Representatives. The prior
day she had gone out for lunch and was involved in a minor accident.  
Although there were no injuries, she had been quite upset as the car had
been loaned to her by her parents.

The card was not fancy -- it actually appeared to be the kind that came in an
assortment purchased at the dollar store.  The front was a flower with the
words, “to brighten your day.”  Inside someone had written the words, “sorry
about your accident, I hope today will be a better day.”

After several days of investigation, nobody came forward to confess the good
deed and the curiosity waned.

The following week another employee arrived at work to find a card had been
placed on her keyboard. The cover was another flower with the encryption,
“Thinking of you.”  Inside an anonymous handwritten note proclaimed, “I know
today won't be easy, but remember people are praying for you.”

People's curiosity and once again been aroused wondering who had left the
note.  It had to be someone from the department because no one else knew
of the conversation that prior day concerning this ladies sorrow at the
anniversary of her mother's death.

As with the first incident, nobody came forward to confess the good deed.

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