Maria, conclusion
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This is an excerpt from Life' Leadership Lessons.

The unlikely perpetrator

Weeks and months would pass with additional cards being left as a morning
welcome to people who needed encouragement for the day.  Somehow
someone knew that a little extra encouragement was going to be needed that
day for the person who would be typing on that keyboard.

Out of my own curiosity I tried to discover the angel’s identity. No candidate
immediately jumped to the top of my list. Asking people on the side in
impromptu one-on-one conversations revealed no suspects. Their identity
was well guarded.

Then, one night while I was at the office late I got a huge break in my
investigation. Everyone had gone except for the cleaning crew as I tried to
tidy up a few loose ends from my task list.  I had some notes for the
employees and decided to put them in their “in” baskets.

Walking through the department I was shocked to see a card on one of the
keyboards.  The cards are prized possessions, cherished by the receivers.  
Never had one been left untouched for the entire day.  

My first thought that it was one of the employees that perhaps had been
staying late and putting the card on the keyboard before leaving.  That could
not have been correct because the employees had already done their own
informal handwriting analysis and could not match it with any of the

My next realization was that it had to be someone from the cleaning crew.
There were three people on the crew.  Sam, the supervisor, worked
alongside Maria and Eva.

I picked up the card and approached Sam. He saw me coming and noticed
the card in my hand.  Discreetly he put his finger over his lips to let me know
he was about to share a secret.  Then he pointed to Maria.

I put the card back on the keyboard without saying a word. Maria seemed to
like her unanimity and it did not seem right to spoil it.

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