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This is an excerpt from Life' Leadership Lessons.

Sequoia trees are among the most majestic in any forest. Taller and wider
than that any plant or animal on earth, these trees are one of the most
impressive sites to ever behold.

The trees start out much like the average pine tree.  Growing at a rate of
approximately 2 feet per year, the Sequoia is one of the fastest-growing
trees. It will take around 100 years for the tree to reach its full height.  
Eventually the tree will stand well over 200 feet tall with a trunk diameter well
in excess of 35 feet. One variety of Sequoia, the Coast Redwood, has been
known to reach as high as 367 feet. Massive size is not the only reason
sequoias are noteworthy -- they live for 1,500 to 2,000 years.

Standing in the midst of Sequoia National Forest, my entire family was
amazed at the magnitude of the trees. The massive trunks, huge branches,
and towering height makes one almost feel as if they had been put in the
washing machine and shrunk to the size of an insect.

Given their size and rapid growth rate one might wonder why sequoias
haven't fully covered the face of the earth. However the Sequoia can only
grow naturally in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Sequoia seeds are produced in the trees bark.  At full maturity, the seed will
be about the size of a tomato and will remain in the tree’s bark until a specific,
seemingly unnatural event takes place.

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