During 10 to 15 minutes of your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly staff meeting, you will cover
one of the important leadership lessons from the book. A companion workbook will
facilitate a discussion to personalize the lesson to each participant.

This program uses spaced, repetitive learning - the most effective known learning

For a small per-employee investment, less than most single workshops, you receive the
  • A copy of the book for each employee.
  • A workbook for each employee.
  • A leaders guide for the meeting facilitator
  • Email support from the author for the facilitator
  • Quarterly conference call with author

Investment for up to 53 meetings
  • 9 to 12 participants - $39.99 each . . . .

  • 13 to 25 participants - $34.99 each . . . .

  • 26 or more participants - $24.99 each . .
Life's Leadership Lessons
Imagine for a moment that your entire staff was committed to improving their leadership

What does that look like?
  • Is productivity increased?
  • Is turnover reduced?
  • Are employees truly connected to your goals?
  • Is management less distracted by personnel problems?

Just as
Life's Leadership Lessons is a essential tool for individual growth, the Life's
Leadership Lessons Toolbox
is an excellent way to connect your entire staff to improved
leadership skills.
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