Life's Leadership Lessons
What is your life trying to teach you?

What have you learned from the people that have crossed your life’s
pathway? Are events on the national and international scene providing
lessons to improve our effectiveness as leaders? Can we learn
leadership from everyday objects such as a tree, door, or light bulb?

During his life,
Rick Weaver has observed many people, events, and
things as opportunities to see vivid examples of how individuals can
improve their leadership skills. This collection of stories takes readers
down a life pathway filled with clear, relatable examples of how they
can become more effective leaders. Throughout the book readers will
be challenged to contemplate the people, events, and things in their
own life’s pathways arousing their passions, thereby providing
personal insights of leadership.

This book is not just an excellent addition to the library of any aspiring
leader, it is a valuable journal through which today’s leaders will
enhance their own leadership skills.

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